Food security

Food security in plain language
Food security is something you face every day.
In short, it is year-round and absolutely quantitatively programmable access to safe food for an active and healthy life.
Elements of food security
  • 1
    Physical availability of adequate, quantitatively, safe and nutritious food (food availability);
  • 2
    Economic accessibility to food of the proper volume and quality, for all social groups of the population (access to food);
  • 3
    Autonomy and economic independence of the food system (food independence);
  • 4
    Reliability, that is, the ability of the food system to minimize the impact of seasonal, weather and other fluctuations on the food supply of the population (stability);
  • 5
    Sustainability, which means that the food system develops in a zero-waste and expanded reproduction mode that does not endanger the lives of future generations (Sustainability and environmental friendliness).
Food policy is accordingly considered as a set of measures designed to systematically and effectively solve the problems of developing not only production, foreign trade or exchange, storage and processing, but also the equitable distribution of basic food products, as well as social development.
Poor quality level of food in supermarkets and industrial farms.
Interruptions in availability, difficulty in accessing an assortment of wholesome herbal foods and herbal medicines, doubts about the sustainability of the manufacturer or its suppliers.
Own year-round programmable production of high-quality food using resource-saving and environmentally friendly non-waste technologies
Autonomous phytocomplexes

- Scientifically grounded agricultural technologies for plant cultivation
- High-quality seed material of adapted varieties
- Biotechnology for processing plant residues and substrates
- Nanotechnology for obtaining plant products with specified quality characteristics
- Intelligent automatic lighting control (mode, spectrum, intensity).
- Intelligent management of all work processes
- Engineering facilities with controlled microclimate
- Independent intelligent climate control
- Monitoring of the ecological situation
- Power units generating the required amount of electricity
- Innovative lighting and vegetation equipment

The effects of using bionanotechnology have been studied and evaluated, and application technologies have been developed in Russian and European institutes for more than 8 years:

-Agrophysical Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, St. Petersburg. Russia.

- University of Agriculture and Forestry. Mendel, Brno, Czech Republic.

We have gathered the experience of previous researchers and innovators, added all the best that our engineers have succeeded in and introduced the world to the most environmentally friendly and modern food growing technology available. It uses 97% less water than a conventional field farm. Do not use pesticides or herbicides. Instead of soil, plants are grown in a reusable cloth made from recycled plastic. And instead of the sun, there are rows of the most technologically advanced LED lighting simulating sunlight more than any other technology existing today (98.6% Ra).
The wavelengths of the lamp radiation, the density of the photosynthetic photon flux are selected in an optimal ratio for plants.
In fact, the technology allows us to increase the safe yield within 25-48%, reducing our energy footprint. Integrated eco-control systems cut the growing cycle by almost half and create the most favorable conditions for growth. Therefore, a healthy crop can be grown all year round, but with much less environmental impact.

Teslar and Eco-friendly
- 97%
It uses 97% less water than a conventional field farm
0 emissions
No pesticides or herbicides are used. No emissions or discharges
0 pollution
Instead of soil or soil, plants are grown in a reusable cloth made from recycled material
+ 25-48%
Allows you to increase the safe harvest in the range of 25-48%

- Technology of year-round waste-free cultivation.
- Fresh and natural ingredients always on time
- All products are subject to eco-control at all stages of production and show values that are much lower than the permissible norms for the content of nitrates.
Green economy
Scientifically proven benefits
Own fresh herbs,

vegetables, berries and fruits
Individual design
- Original buildings of the phytocomplex, built-in, mobile, phyto-walls.
- Your restaurant or hotel will always be original and as environmentally friendly as possible
- High performance at minimal cost.
- Reduced carbon footprint.
- Low cost of grown products

Teslar and efficiency:

х 8
Higher yields without increasing land resources.
8 times more products. On an area of 1200 m2, a greenhouse complex equal to 1 hectare is organized
- 10-20%
The growing season is reduced by 10% - 20% without the use of chemical weapons (pesticides, herbicides, etc.).
This means even more fresh produce
365 days
The planned harvest, regardless of the region and season -
365 days a year
:10 mg / kg
Top quality products.
Indicators of nitrates are 2-5 times lower than permissible standards and 6-10 times lower than those of analogs from store shelves
Current environmental programs: