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Quantum mechanics opens up a new view of the surrounding world and reality, according to which a person in all his originality is not just a living material mechanism (passive observer), but a complexly organized, interconnected being. A Creator whose nature extends through space and time.
You will become a part of a historical moment, a hero of legends and even a techno-mage for your contemporaries, as you create and test the first instances that work on the principles of quantum physics. These are technologies and gadgets that have not yet been mentioned in any textbooks. Get access to them along with the ability to use them for the good and benefit your environment and the ecology of the planet.
You will work on "combat" tasks, master traditional testing methodologies and processes, look for bugs, develop test documentation, interact with scientists, developers and analysts, learn in practice how to create and test the most modern devices and services, what opportunities become available to a person using the laws of quantum mechanics for good purposes.
Come to us if you:
• have basic knowledge of methodology or want to learn how to develop and test modern gadgets and services, write professional reviews and autotests.
• want to be part of a team responsible for the quality of products and services that our children and grandchildren will use, and therefore for our future and the future of our children.
Higher education is not required. Come for an internship or training and stay in the team forever.

Come to fulfill your potential in the best possible way - creating a sustainable future for all.
Developer and tester - these professions cannot exist without each other. They are like two wings of the same bird - without each other they will not fly far.

The tester (tester - tester) works with the finished product, checks how it corresponds to what was conceived in the documentation.
QA engineer
(QA, quality assurance - quality assurance) is engaged in checking the product at all stages of work - from the preparation of documentation to the final release.
Testers check the finished product before delivering it to users or already in production, and QA engineers ensure the quality of the product before its release - that is, starting from the moment when the idea of a new product appears. It turns out that testers simply check the product, and QA engineers ideally build a system in which the product will reach testers with a minimum number of bugs (errors).
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