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and Nature-like technologies

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Research and development in convergent science and technology. Creation and implementation of nature-like technologies. Expansion of methods of their application for cleaning the environment and sustainable maintenance of human life, maintaining health, improving quality and increasing life expectancy.

We have many years of experience in implementing projects around the world with an emphasis on nanotechnology. Waste-free environmentally friendly production based on complete recycling of materials and alternative energy sources. The created engineering complexes, systems and products provide the most necessary resources: drinking water, healthy food, medicinal plants, high-tech and unique materials, intelligent control systems, a safe environment and clean energy.

We strive to improve efficiency in collaboration with international research institutions, environmental movements, responsible businesses and consumers. We invite individuals and communities of people around the world, striving for environmental and socio-economic changes, to take part in our program of action to overcome the systemic crisis of civilization.

The program aims to benefit
the whole human family,
the planet and all its inhabitants.

It includes a whole complex of the most modern convergent sciences (NBICS) and nature-like technologies belonging to the core of the next - the sixth wave of innovation.

These technologies are designed to help a person, once and for all, solve a number of the most serious global challenges of our time, such as waste, pollution, poverty, hunger, wars, low living standards, lack of drinking water, etc. Ultimately, to build a technosphere that will organically fit into the biosphere of the planet and exist in harmony with nature.

The implementation of the program will create a technological platform and resource base for the fastest and most painless (for the planet and all its inhabitants) transition to a resource-based economy. And the subsequent implementation of the achievements of convergent sciences and technologies. Creation of an environmentally friendly, more humane, and technically much better civilization.
Step 1 (1 year)
The first stage of the program
contains the technological core of the upcoming 6th wave of innovation: convergent technologies, representing a new synthesis of knowledge and is an act of self-organization of carriers of reason in order to respond to technological challenges and the use of positive opportunities provided by technologies for the benefit of all mankind.
Step 2 (3-5 years)
The construction of a city with such a level of scientific and technical development will inevitably mark the onset of the 7th technical and economic structure. The basic technologies of the new seventh order should be socio-humanitarian technologies, and, first of all, resource-oriented economics and technologies of communication and construction of social reality, technologies for the formation of new forms of life.
As a result of the implementation of the second stage of the program, a set of socio-economic goals will be realized, which you can familiarize yourself with on the program page.
Nanomaterials in products
Eco-friendly graphene-containing materials with unique qualities in our innovative products are produced from waste using the Green Graphene technology. The most rational solution to the problem of waste management was suggested by nature itself and by such great scientists as R. Buckminster Fuller, Richard Feynman, Zhores Alferov, etc.
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