Academy of Plants

Education and promotion of intensive crop production

City Farming Academy

International school of organic and progressive horticulture.
We provide in-depth knowledge and professional training to the most up-to-date standards for the production of natural and organic products and herbal medicines.

  • Integrations
    A platform for the integration of research and practical professionally oriented activities of students and agronomists employed in production.
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    The innovative program of modular content is designed to improve the quality of education for children and students, as well as the level of training of practitioners that meets the needs of the individual, society, state and planet.
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    The trajectory of the project makes it possible to update students' knowledge in this area and form their ideas and practical skills in the field of modern biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, ecology and economics.
Objective of the project:
Creation of an educational complex for the development of key competencies among students through the introduction of innovative agro- and biotechnologies, green architecture, and the basics of preventive medicine into the educational process. Through this, the formation of skills for the independent implementation of health and detoxification programs on the basis of a city farm or a greenhouse complex
- Who and why are trained to create an artificial climate to obtain highly predictable yields of laboratory (pharmaceutical) quality?
Acadamy of Farming Teslar
  • Actual education
    Develop additional education programs that take into account the promising trends in the development of society, science, technology, the characteristics of modern childhood in the areas of: agricultural technology, biotechnology, valueology (health science) and so on. Observing the continuity of programs at different levels and the continuity of training cycles from initial motivation to serious specialized training.
  • Equipment of educational spaces
    Provide material and technical equipment of educational spaces in order to improve network interaction with organizations of additional, general, secondary and higher professional education, enterprises and organizations of various levels. Awareness of the need for this is possible only through familiarization with the possibilities.
  • Key competencies of students
    To organize research and project work of the interdisciplinary content of students, aimed at developing the key competencies of conducting research, project activities (educational, informational, communicative, social and labor), to form professional self-determination with a focus on agricultural education, veterinary medicine, farming business.
  • Development of teachers' competencies
    To improve the professional competencies of teachers in the context of innovative project activities through the active development and use of advanced pedagogical ideas to expand the content, organizational forms, methods and technologies of additional education for children.
  • Healthy food all year round
    Obtaining skills and practical skills and creating a controlled environment in any conditions and producing environmentally friendly food products is a valuable skill not only in the context of import substitution. This is the only way to exercise your right to life.
  • Improving Learning
    Innovative modular content programs provide an opportunity for remote in-depth study of both natural sciences and in combination with knowledge from ancient treatises. Together we are looking for a progressive and sustainable way to interact and learn.
"Doubt everything.
Find your own light."
- Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

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