Guarantee obligations

Scientific and Production Association "Teslar" has many years of experience in implemented projects to ensure human life with technological solutions necessary to preserve and maintain health in a variety of conditions:
- on water and deep under water (at submersion depths of underwater vehicles -4000 meters)
- on various land areas on three continents: from urban conditions in various countries (Russia, European countries, USA, Israel, United Arab Emirates) to sparsely populated places, including climatically extreme: desert and arctic zones (Antarctic research station "Vostok").

Climatic extremity for the living conditions of the population creates a number of factors that are the subject of our many years of research, since Teslar develops and improves life support technologies for their use in a variety of extreme conditions. Therefore, Teslar pays special attention to quality control from the development stage to the moment the products are sold to you, the users.
Special attention is paid to testing of serial samples. Engineers have developed unique technologies and created proprietary test benches on which standard and critical loads are simulated to find possible deviations and determine the optimal performance of parts, as well as check their reliability and quality.

Teslar technologies and solutions are used every day in different parts of the world and help people to continue to live healthy and active lives and work on solving the problems that occupy them. In each case, the best available technologies and nanomaterials are used, which make it possible to reduce resource consumption tenfold, or completely eliminate waste into the environment. Therefore, the quality of products surpasses the best world samples.

Teslar sees its priorities in conserving the planet's resources, protecting human health and protecting the environment. Through your responsible Choice, Teslar applies, improves and implements technologies and products that improve the quality of life for people and can help us restore the ecosystems of the planet. We strive for continuous improvement and expansion of cooperation with all stakeholders and each person in particular.
Teslar guarantees that the quality of products meets all the requirements of the TU, provided that the consumer observes the conditions and rules of operation, maintenance, storage and transportation established by the operational documentation.

The manufacturer eliminates the consequences of supplying the consumer with equipment of inadequate quality free of charge (repairs or replaces at his own expense parts of equipment of inadequate quality, or reimburses the consumer for the cost of faulty equipment parts). The warranty period is extended for the period of repair and the time of shipment of equipment parts.

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