We invite eco-leaders
We invite a wide range of specialists who develop and implement educational and awareness-raising programs for adults and children on sustainable lifestyles, work with the corporate sector and are involved in implementing programs to introduce sustainable production and business practices.
Who is an Eco Trainer and Eco Consultant?
These are specialists who develop and implement educational and awareness-raising programs for adults and children on sustainable lifestyles. They also work with the corporate sector. They work with companies to implement programs to promote sustainable production and business practices.

Examples of implemented eco-technologies and systems:
Resource management system
Responsible purchasing system
Greening events
Greening the packaging of goods
Water saving technologies
Energy Saving Technologies
Carbon footprint compensation

How do our activities benefit the planet,
society and future generations?

The new level of energy and resource conservation helps to reduce electricity costs, reduce air emissions, slow down the rate of waste generation.
Rejection of the concept of planned obsolescence and production of products with the maximum service life and only the highest quality.
Allows you to slow down the rate of waste generation and save users' budget.
Safe environment, vision hygiene and sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population. Health preservation technologies. Allows you to prevent the development of disability, maintain health and improve well-being.

Biotechnology and Food Security. Technologies for obtaining food products-oncoprotectors that can effectively resist diabetes, oncology, heart disease and another three dozen of the most dangerous killer diseases of our century.

Why with us and not with others

A responsible approach to design, the use of nanotechnology and environmentally friendly materials made it possible to create products that are unique in their characteristics.
Quality products
We produce as high-quality and safe products as the use of the most modern technologies allows. Revolutionary color quality and a new standard for secure video environments.

High-performance graphene-containing LED-nano Teslar luminaires are the first ever biologically adequate lighting that fully simulates sunlight
Stable prices
We ourselves are technology developers and product manufacturers. In addition, since 2010 we have established our own production of graphene and are able to keep prices as stable as possible.
Great price
No other manufacturer in the world offers such a high-tech and quality product at such a price. The products also have the lowest operating cost in the industry.
Terms of service
The record long service life of our products allows us to declare the cancellation of planned obsolescence (200,000 hours of continuous use, over 23 years).

Environmental friendliness
Environmental friendliness of the materials used, reduction of waste and anthropogenic emissions into the atmosphere. Improving the quality of life, developing health-saving technologies.
Greenwashing is a so-called special form of eco-marketing. In other words, the manufacturer is deliberately trying to mislead customers. To check if a company is really good for the environment, it is enough just to check the labeling and the service life of the products.