Modernization of lighting equipment


Eco-friendly lighting

The introduction of green technologies reduces the burden on the planet's ecology and makes production costs cheaper in all industries. One of the most effective world practices for increasing energy efficiency is the re-equipment of the lighting system.

Modernization of the light park allows farms of all sizes to effectively reduce energy consumption and costs of the energy complex.

Health-preserving and nature-like technologies create a safe video environment with biologically adequate lighting that allows living organisms to maintain health and receive energy and information for development.

The environmental program for the modernization of the lighting economy is an increase in energy efficiency, a decrease in the carbon footprint and anthropogenic emissions into the atmosphere, and the elimination of waste generation. These are the reasonable steps that will preserve the planet, the health of present and future generations.
Retrofitting of lighting facilities is the best world practice for increasing energy efficiency.

  • Energy efficiency
    Industry-leading energy efficiency and lowest operating cost helps you reduce electricity bills and save users' budgets. A new level of resource conservation contributes to lower emissions into the atmosphere, slowing down the rate of waste generation and slowing down the pace of climate change.
  • Health preservation
    Maintains health and conserves the body's resources.
    Promotes an increase in vitality and improves the body's ability to resist all types of viruses. Prevents the development of a number of pathologies and ensures the correct functioning of vital functions and human systems: endocrine, nervous and immune.
  • Life time
    The useful life of the products without deterioration in the quality and quantity of light (!) Is 200,000 hours, which is equal to 23 years of continuous use. Unique heat-conducting materials that prevent overheating of the LED and extend the service life to previously unattainable levels.

  • Nanotechnology
    High quality characteristics and high consumer properties are ensured by the use of the best available technologies and nanomaterials with previously inaccessible properties. In the production of each product, nanomaterials are used and only environmentally friendly and friendly technologies to humans and the planet are used.


The results of the implementation of the project to improve energy efficiency by the example of the retrofitting of the lighting equipment of one workshop bay:
Retrofitting of lighting equipment for modern graphene-containing programmable LED-nano lamps with any spectrum of light, maximum energy efficiency and service life.

Number of lamps
Power consumption (kW)
Total power consumption (kW)
Average illumination
(at the level of 85 cm from the floor, lux)

(in working areas increased by 2.5 times)
Ripple level
from 30 to 60%
no more than 0.5%
Annual energy saving rate * (kW)
642 746 kW
Annual rate of budget savings ** (USD)
47 202 USD
* - Applied its own intelligent lighting control system, which gave an additional 15% energy savings.
** - The above calculations take into account the three-shift operation of the shop, the cost of electricity is 5.5 rubles. incl. VAT, and product prices at the time of the project. The payback period for the project was 2 years.
Studies that scientists have conducted over the past 60 years have proven that not only the absence, but also the quality of light negatively and even irreparably affects a person.
At the symposium on the study of the influence of light on humans, held in Rotterdam, scientists from 22 countries of the world presented the results of their research in this area.
The main conclusion was about the unconditional influence of light on the physical, physiological and psychological state of people.
The correct lighting system has a tonic effect, has a beneficial effect on the physiological system of a person and his performance.
Consumer value

The consumer value of the use of modern lighting technology lies in the fact that it will allow a person to maintain their health, improve the quality of life, and get rid of depression. The correct lighting system is a tonic effect, has a beneficial effect on the physiological system of a person and his performance. In the workplace, the right light reduces the number of accidents at work, reduces the number of defective and defective products, improves general working conditions and productivity. In preschool institutions, schools and institutes, it allows you to improve attention, focus on learning and actively participate in the educational process.

Greenhouse Farms - Reduces energy consumption, improves quality and accelerates plant growth.
Physics is physics

Areas of application of nature-like lighting

It is ideal lighting for people who spend most of the day indoors, or living in regions with low insolation (above 45 degrees north latitude), northern and polar territories and working full shifts without access to natural light (subways, mines, production workshops, schools and kindergartens, improperly lit offices, medical facilities) Teslar lighting technologies will allow people to maintain their health, improve their quality of life, and get rid of depression.

In preschool institutions, schools and institutes, correct, biologically adequate light will increase concentration of attention, allow you to focus on your studies and actively participate in the educational process. In working life, the right light will reduce the number of accidents at work, reduce the number of substandard and defective products, and improve the general working conditions and productivity. People who work for a long time in the subway, mines, production halls or even office premises with inadequate lighting experience serious health problems. In the production process, such lighting reduces the attention of personnel, causes fatigue and drowsiness, impairs orientation and leads to industrial injuries and accidents, and decreases the productivity and quality of products. Biologically inadequate lighting in working conditions leads to occupational diseases.

By using Teslar it is possible to compensate for the lack of natural sunlight, prevent problems caused by it and increase the efficiency of the production process.
We suggest you preserve your health by changing the light in your lamps to a safe and biologically adequate one, with real sunlight. Turn on our lights and make up for the lack of sunlight!
High-tech and energy efficient, biologically adequate LED lighting that fully simulates sunlight. The radiation wavelengths, the density of the photosynthetic photon flux are selected in an optimal ratio for plants. In fact, the technology allows you to increase the yield within 25-48%, reducing the energy footprint.
And also to provide better quality indicators of products.
The methods of light irradiation, as well as the management of the state of organic compounds and plant productivity, developed on the basis of these studies, showed the most impressive ecological, quantitative and qualitative results, with the widest field of practical application and highly appreciated by international colleagues of scientists, governments of different countries, industrial associations and private persons.
Studies carried out in Russia and abroad have shown that crops grown in multi-tiered greenhouses and phytocomplexes using high-tech graphene-containing lighting products gave the following results:
- higher productivity of the grown products;
- high quality indicators;
- high rates of resource saving.
People who work for a long time in the subway, mines, production workshops, military facilities experience problems associated with the lack of sunshine.
In the production process, such lighting reduces the attention of personnel to various important details, causes fatigue and drowsiness, deteriorates orientation and leads to industrial injuries and accidents, decreases productivity and decreases the quality of products. Also, visual adaptation affects performance, when the pupil, from the constant transition of bright and faded light, either narrows or expands, which leads to rapid eye fatigue. Uneven lighting in working conditions leads to occupational diseases.

Using Teslar SIA luminaires it is possible to compensate for the lack of sunlight, prevent problems caused by it and increase the efficiency of the production process.
It is estimated that upgrading lighting and switching to smart systems at a large metallurgical plant could save up to $ 3 million. in year. At the same time, the right light offers the opportunity to increase productivity, as it reduces waste by an average of 29%, improves work quality by 16% and halves the number of accidents. LED lighting is indispensable for the protection of objects, since it has a higher level of color rendering and its shades.

The rise in electricity prices is forcing city authorities and citizens themselves to think about saving. On average, about 40% of municipal budgets in cities around the world go to street lighting. The transition to LED lamps, the efficiency of which is much higher than that of traditional ones, allows to reduce costs: a simple replacement of traditional lamps with LED lamps can give up to 80% savings.

We offer you a full range of services, ranging from simple re-equipment of lighting to the installation of our own Intelligent control systems, which allow you to save up to 50% of additional energy. Smart lighting systems help cities cope with crime and traffic congestion and help businesses lower costs and increase sales.

The investments made will allow to bring the illuminated objects to a fundamentally new level of energy consumption and its control, as well as significantly reduce the consumed resources.
Vision is the leading sensory system for most vertebrates. Many important behavioral reactions are associated with illumination, such as avoiding a predator and capturing prey, daily feeding rhythm, and spawning. Studies have shown that the reaction to light in the ontogeny of various fish species is one of the first to manifest itself, which indicates the great importance of this factor in their life. When growing various types of fish, light is one of the important abiotic factors affecting their growth and development. The response of many fish to light varies depending on the intensity of illumination, photoperiodism, and its spectral composition.
Light acts on the central nervous system through the organ of vision, and then the central nervous system affects the function of the pituitary gland, which in turn affects the function of the gonads. The sexual frequency of fish is regulated by one of the external factors - light, as well as internal - by the action of the pituitary gland, which is a "transformer" of light.

It was found that the conditions of illumination are one of the important factors affecting the efficiency of rearing fish larvae, as well as their further development.
Using our lighting technologies, embryonic mortality will be only 6%, and the growth of juvenile fish is accelerated by 20-40% compared to traditional lighting methods. At the same time, daily rations are reduced by 3-5% and the conversion of consumed food is improved for growth by 25-30%. At the same time, the improvement of the physiological state is guaranteed and the resistance to oxygen deficiency and the hydroionic resistance of juveniles increases. Proper lighting in aquariums will create the unsurpassed natural beauty of the sun itself. In addition, real light will provide ideal conditions for the functioning of the created ecosystem.
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