Turnkey farm

Support and guaranteed results
Turnkey farm
We develop and produce the most modern technological solution for organizing the cultivation of green, aromatic, medicinal, berry crops on vertical farms, devoid of the disadvantages of traditional agricultural production.

When ordering a phytocomplex, a vertical farm, you receive technological cultivation cards for the selected crops (variety, cultivation technology, nutrition system, plant protection). We also provide the departure of our agricultural technologist during commissioning and consulting until the first harvest.

For industrial agricultural enterprises to realize competitive advantages and most effectively introduce innovations, we recommend the use of agronomic support services. These are guaranteed high yields and profitability of agribusiness.
Our technologies are trusted with life and health even in the harshest conditions on the planet
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365 days a year without disruption and emissions around the world, our life support systems work for the benefit of people and nature
Agronomic support
If you are building an industrial farm and expect high additional profits in the agricultural business, then you will need a professional agronomist on staff. And no employee is better, as well as the support of specialized and reputable research institutes.

Agronomic support is a complex of services provided by high-level professionals in order to increase the profitability of crop production or the production of other crops. Modern agricultural science does not stand still, so something new is constantly appearing - something that allows you to get additional profit - competitive advantages.

It is important not only to give good agronomic advice, to show owners where money is lost, and to issue a good expert opinion. But it is also very important to take responsibility for the results and ensure the improvement and efficiency of the agricultural business - this can be done with the help of continuous agronomic support of the business.
Agronomic support services
The use of agronomic support services helps to realize competitive advantages and introduce innovations, allows you to get higher yields and increase the profitability of agribusiness.
  • The best harvests together with professionals
    The use of agronomic support services helps to realize competitive advantages and introduce innovations, allows you to get higher yields and increase the profitability of agribusiness.
    24/7 365
Modern phytocomplexes and support
No more experimentation needed.
Everything is already verified, selected and tested.
  • Scientifically sound agricultural technologies for plant cultivation
  • Quality seed material of adapted varieties
  • Biotechnologies for the processing of plant residues and substrates
  • Nanotechnologies for obtaining plant products with specified quality characteristics
  • Intelligent automatic lighting control (mode, spectrum, intensity).
  • Intelligent management of all work processes
  • Engineering structures with controlled microclimate
  • Independent intelligent climate control
  • Monitoring of the ecological situation
  • Power units generating the required amount of electricity
  • Innovative lighting and vegetation equipment
  • The technology of growing the most diverse and rare crops
  • Delivery of all necessary equipment with a direct guarantee from the Manufacturer - installation supervision
  • Innovative lighting and vegetation equipment
Approximate range of consultation questions:
Introduction of modern technologies for growing agricultural crops
Crop survey
Yield Forecasting
Holding tenders for the purchase of plant protection products, agrochemical fertilizers
Advice on pests, diseases, weeds and on the use of chemicals and pesticides.
Phytosanitary monitoring of crops, presence of weeds, pests, diseases, as well as non-communicable diseases and lack of plant nutrients, development of operational recommendations based on monitoring data
Phytosanitary monitoring with drones, aerial photography
Protection of major crops (diseases)
Application of agrochemistry
Diseases, pests, weeds of agricultural cult
Diagnosis of pests, weeds and diseases.
Methods of dealing with it
Fertilizer system, fertilizer rate calculation
Control, planning of fertilization based on data
Compilation of technological maps for major crops
Modern technologies of cultivation and protection of plants.
Energy and environmental modernization and other ways to save.
Growing technologies, turnkey projects.
crop management
Management of the use of modern agricultural machinery
Any other advice
The cost of agronomic support services and other types of work
Agronomic support services may include any other types of work agreed in advance, as well as be combined with other important areas:

Modern scientific support for agribusiness projects
Calculation of investments when creating agribusiness
Services for the correct selection of efficient agricultural machinery
Improving the efficiency of the use of technology
Increasing the energy efficiency of the crop growing business and achieving autonomy.
Preparing businesses for climate change, pandemic restrictions and lockdowns.

Each project is discussed individually. The cost of professional agronomic support in the world market ranges from 3 to 10 percent, depending on the size of the factory and the level of modernization from which the safety, comfort and productivity of the service, as well as product quality, environmental (and karmic) consequences come.
Why agrarian?
What gives the use of professional agronomic support services
  • Planning
    Planning to grow a new crop?
    But you don't know how to build the technology correctly, you need expert advice
  • Experienced agronomists
    Do you want to switch to another technology, but your own knowledge and experience are not enough?
    Need advice from a competent expert on tillage, nutrition, plant protection systems.
  • Consultation on technologies and equipment
    Are you planning an investment program?
    But you doubt the correctness of the choice of purchased machinery and equipment and want to get expert advice
  • Training
    Do you have insufficiently qualified staff?
    It is necessary to train employees in the basics of agronomy, equipment adjustments, quality management of basic technological operations
  • Development strategy and control of its implementation
    Do you need a forward-looking development strategy and consulting support for the preparation of an annual plan?
    We will select an effective growing technology, a balanced crop rotation, we will help to introduce the optimal system of tillage, nutrition, plant protection, variety change and variety renewal, automated control of equipment and a production management system.
  • Urgently need help!
    Having unexpected problems?
    With the development of plants, weed infestation, disease damage, pest damage, complete or partial death of plants, signs of oppression, phytotoxicity.
  • Main bonus: GUARANTEE OF RESULT is a condition of the contract with the Customer. Agronomic support is provided by the specialists of our company, who are leading specialists in greenhouse production, leading scientists, developers and manufacturers of modern agricultural equipment and technologies.
With a significant technological advantage, you see further,
your factories are always more efficient, and your business is more successful.
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Выбирайте окружение с умом - от этого зависит будущее
The main advantages of this farming format:
  • Ergonomics
    Ergonomics - each unit of growing area on a vertical farm allows you to release 10-20 units of land of the same area occupied by agriculture;
  • Resource Saving
    Saving natural resources (requires 90% less water than traditional farms)
  • Climate control
    Resistance to pests due to the closed automated microclimate;
  • Quality
    Low risk of crop loss, as built-in sensors analyze the condition of the soil and plants, and special software regulates ventilation, temperature, lighting and watering