Peter the Great

Glorious memory of the founder of the Russian Fatherland, the last Russian tsar and the first emperor
Peter I is the greatest figure in Russian history. It is impossible to find another historical figure who had such a significant impact on the development of our state.
How Peter I changed Russia
"The main achievements of the sovereign in 12 points"
On June 9, 2022, our country celebrated the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter I, nicknamed the Great and who became the first All-Russian Emperor. The State Hermitage has prepared a new video project that will introduce you to a part of the museum collection and reveal various aspects of the multifaceted personality of Peter the Great.

You will learn about Peter as the founder of the new capital, collector, creator of the first museum in Russia. See paintings and sculptures from his collection. The curators and researchers of the Hermitage will tell you about the various hobbies of the emperor, show you the machines from his lathe, the devices and tools that he used.
Premiere of a video project dedicated to the 350th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great
We present to your attention a series of films in which you will be told about Peter the Great as a reformer and reformer.
"Peter the First"
"Peter the Great" is a Soviet two-part historical and biographical film, filmed at the Lenfilm studio by director Vladimir Petrov, dedicated to the life and work of the Russian Emperor Peter I.

A historical film about the life and state activities of the 18th century Russian reformer Tsar Peter I, starting from the Battle of Narva. Beginning of the 18th century. The period of the formation of the Great Russian Empire, the time of major reforms and secret conspiracies, great military victories, unrestrained fun of assemblies and cruel bloodshed of executions. The film also depicts the conflict between the tsar and his son Alexei.

History of creation
Even before filming, controversy ensued around the film's script. In the article "Peter I" in the cinema" (1937), A. Tolstoy wrote: Many ... full-time cinema theorists brought down the most contradictory demands on us. The wobbling, hysterical Peter, whom they imposed on us, did not coincide with our plans in any way ... We are far from the idea of reviving the trivial textbook image of the "crowned carpenter", but we do not want in our picture to belittle the significance of the personality of a person who has risen above his era ... the end is the personal intervention of Stalin, who approved the concept of the film. At first, it was supposed to shoot not two, but three series of the film and attract foreign actors. Then these plans were abandoned. Filming of the first series of the film was completed in 1937, the second - in 1938.
Peter the Great Institute
A scientific and educational organization that aims to study and popularize in the fields of culture, education, and the humanities the heritage of Peter the Great, understood as a set of ideas and traditions that affirm the European choice of Russia, its commitment to the principles of European enlightenment and cultural community, while maintaining the national identity of Russia as great state.
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