Food security

Uninterruptible supply systems food and medicinal herbs
Progressive farming
Green infrastructure complementary or alternative uninterrupted supply of food and medicinal herbs to ensure food security and improve the quality of life of people.
The growth of the world population, the increasing concentration of the population in cities and the deterioration of the environmental situation (as well as the technologies of industrial agriculture), against the backdrop of changing consumer preferences towards the priority of "healthy", "natural", "organic" food, are especially acutely raising issues such as the development of a complementary or alternative system of uninterrupted supply or self-sufficiency of cities with food and ensuring long-term food security.

This determines the relevance of the development of technologies for urbanized agricultural production (city farming) and the increase in demand for specialists from the field of agroengineering and agribusiness. The goal of city farming is the ecological transformation of human agricultural activities. Creation and maintenance of installations for growing crops that are easy to operate in urban conditions using the most modern and environmentally friendly systems and models of equipment.

Our life support systems have the best world performance (power units, lighting systems, greenhouse complexes and climate systems, etc.) operate all year round, uninterruptedly and with the highest programmable accuracy, providing people with the entire range of life support systems around the world: under the sands and under the ice, every day. (Watch the video from the station "Vostok" Antarctica.)
Our specialists are engaged in scientific research, development of technologies, production of equipment and arrangement (supervision) of greenhouses around the world. They will make sure that you can grow food wherever it is convenient for you: on the roofs, walls and in the basements of city houses. City farms and plant factories receive daily technological maps and support from our consultants from the project to launch, and in the course of further work, support and guaranteed results - what investors pay attention to.

City farming as a kind of activity is very grateful and noble. But at the same time, this is a science-intensive production, which includes elements not only of design and agricultural technology. These are natural solar lighting (biomimetics technology) and climate control (ecosystems of greenhouse complexes) and automatic and remote control (digital ecosystem with artificial intelligence) power units on which it works (Triboelectric generators). And this is not all our developments, of course.

These developments are already included in various national health programs and are widely used around the world. Soon, they will be included in the textbooks of physics and chemistry, and we will see the global scale of the introduction of revolutionary nanotechnologies. We provide an opportunity today to use these achievements of science and create environmentally friendly production. And also participate in the City Farming Academy - a platform for integrating the research and practical professionally oriented activities of students around the world. We have rich experience in practical activities and scientific cooperation with the largest agrophysical institutes in Europe and Russia.
What sustainable innovations and solutions exist to produce and provide people with healthy food in any region of the planet? What have you done to find efficient and sustainable solutions for food security?
Greenhouse complexes
are a light arms race
In St. Petersburg, the first greenhouses, which grew not only green crops and medicinal herbs, but also citrus and other tropical fruits, were built by order of Peter the Great. This is how the Botanical Garden, the Aptekarsky Island and the entire Russian Academy of Sciences appeared in St. Petersburg. Since then, research has never stopped and the search has never stopped for a truly efficient and sustainable solution to produce and provide people with healthy food in this and any other region.

And such a solution was found as a result of research and development, which does not stop to this day. Our results speak for themselves. The use of nanotechnology has allowed us to cancel the lifetime of the lamp, making it eternal. Since then, for 15 years, we have been producing graphene-containing lamps that do not require replacement, eliminating unnecessary energy costs. Special mention deserves the fact that, having mastered the unique technology of controlling the spectral composition, we now completely repeat the sunlight of any region of the planet and period of the year. In the course of a long-term development program, jointly with specialized research institutes, a phytoefficient light was created, which makes it possible to significantly improve the quality of the resulting plant materials. And the light spectrum control technology allows you to create any natural light by programming the qualities of the plant and allowing you to create unique light recipes.

Our specialists are engaged in the design and construction and modernization of vertical farms, greenhouses and plant factories at any stage of the facility's readiness. One of the key factors for the successful implementation of the project is the selection of economically viable equipment and environmental safety of production. The rich experience of our specialists is not only qualified agronomic advice, but also the ability to point out to the owners those points where the business incurs unreasonable costs or misses a profitable opportunity. We provide a high-quality expert opinion, as well as take responsibility for the results and ensure the improvement and increase in the efficiency of the agricultural business through the introduction of the most effective advanced technologies and constant scientific, methodological and agronomic support for the business.

In projects where there is no competence of the chief agronomist-technologist on the part of the Customer, we provide technological maps of cultivation for spent crops and varieties. And we always recommend full design and agronomic support at all stages of factory construction and agricultural production.
"Doubt everything.
Find your own light."
- Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

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