Secure video environment

Environmental program "SAFE VIDEO ENVIRONMENT"

Environmental program "Safe video environment". Health-saving technologies. Healthy lifestyle. Safety of the educational process. The right to a safe education. Hygiene of light. Biologically adequate spectrum. Environmental modernization of kindergartens, schools, clinics and hospitals. Retrofitting of lighting equipment. Modern lighting systems with biologically adequate light. Luminaires LED-nano. LED lighting with nanomaterials. Environmental innovation.

Development and implementation of a project for equipping lamps with biologically adequate light - real sunlight, contributing to the correct functioning of the child's nervous, endocrine and immune systems. In fact, a piece of wildlife appears there. This is extremely important and has an irreversible destructive effect on the general development, psyche and visual system, especially for children under 14 years old.

Program objectives and achievable
social effect

Save sight
Experts associate the epidemic of myopia - myopia - with the large-scale use of outdated lighting devices and lighting technologies (fluorescent lamps, DRL, DNAT, halogen lamps and incandescent lamps). The practice of introducing traditional LED lighting turned out to be no less destructive.
Protect from disease
Allows children to maintain their health, improve the quality of life and prevent the occurrence of many diseases. Data from international medical and research institutions confirm a direct relationship between lighting and the functioning of the nervous, immune and endocrine systems.
Improve learning ability
In preschool institutions, schools and institutes it will increase attention, focus on learning and actively participate in the educational process. The correct lighting system is a tonic effect, has a beneficial effect on the physiological system of a person and his performance.
Reduce your carbon footprint
Reduce energy consumption and extend the life of your lighting fixtures. Consistently high quality over a record long warranty period. Consequently, cost savings and a lower carbon footprint.

Biologically inadequate light negatively affects the development of the nervous, immune and endocrine systems

Since kindergarten, our children experience gross violations of compliance with lighting standards and the traumatic effect of lighting devices
Children have a diagnosed
retinal damage in states with the massive introduction of energy-saving and LED lighting (South Korea, Japan, China)
Modern Russian schoolchildren have vision problems by the third grade
(according to the Ministry of Health of Russia)
Children in the Russian Federation graduate from school wearing glasses
(according to Rosstat data)
The prevalence of myopia among adolescents in Russia has quadrupled over the past decade
Земля превращается в планету прищуренных людей.
Эпидемия миопии особенно наблюдается в высокоразвитых странах.

Protect children from disabilities

Five or more people per hour receive the status of a visually impaired person in the Russian Federation.
Civil and parental responsibilities
We welcome and encourage the early eradication of the dangerous and widespread to this day practices of lighting kindergartens and schools with fluorescent lamps, which are banned in 128 countries around the world and poison people and the planet with dangerous vapors of mercury.
The health of the population is one of the indicators that determines the economic, intellectual and cultural potential of the country. We welcome the formation of an attitude towards health as the main human value and the introduction of mandatory requirements for the compliance of light modes with safety requirements for human health.

We encourage the early eradication of the dangerous and common to this day lighting practices with obsolete and environmentally friendly lighting devices harmful to people and the planet: incandescent lamps, energy-saving fluorescent and halogen lamps, HPS and DRL, as well as the common practice of lighting with LEDs such as: blue LED + yellow phosphor causing massive visual impairment - epidemics of myopia (myopia) in several countries with a high level of implementation of energy-saving and LED lighting (South Korea, Japan, China).

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